SCULPTURE and DESIGN - Kevin S. Berry


Reincar Nation - 2008

92" x 34" x 35"
Hammered steel, linseed oil, tongue oil, wax

Rock Monster - 2003

84"h x 42"w x 56"
Forged steel, rebar, river rock, cast bronze Private collection. AZ

Strata - 2002

98-1/2"H X 30"W X 37"
Forged steel Private collection, Arizona

Quilted Butte - 2000

74"h x 83"w x 74"
Forged steel Available, call

Thunderhead - 1996

8'w x 25'h.
Steel, cast bronze, copper wire, copper. Three-Five Systems Building. Tempe, AZ

The shots above are..... (L)
Back side, back-lit view (M)
Front view (R)

Detail shot of cast bronze star connection elements in the studio before assembly

Thunderhead was created and designed specifically for this microchip company, using a schematic of their actual chips as a basis for the sculpture's basic form. An Art in Private Development commission.

Gallo - 1993

Hammered Steel. Stephane Jannsen Collection.

(left) - Gallo in progress, after sandblasting, before patina (right) - Gallo in studio, in progress, after patina

Embrace - 1991

8' h x 5'w. Cast Bronze. Sky Harbor Airport. Phoenix, AZ

This sculpture is a cast bronze, scaled up version of a Devils Claw seed pod. The idea for making the sculpture is inspired by actual seed pods that are found in desert washes in Arizona. The Devil's Claw seed pod also goes under the names of unicorn plant, cat's claw, proboscis flower, and staghorn plant.

This sculpture was created for a solo exhibition in 1991 and was the first casting in a limited edition of three. The first piece was sold to the City of Phoenix's Sky Harbor Terminal 4 Public Art collection shortly after the exhibition. The other two castings are still available for commission.

Rake - 1991

Seed - 1991

Frogunda Gigamus - 1991

Horseshoe - 1991

16'lx8'hx1'6"h. Cast concrete, river rock and steel. Private residence. Paradise Valley, AZ

Gravity - 1989

7'h x 16'l x 2'w. Hammered steel, forged rebar and river rock. Stephane Janssen collection.

The Gatherer - 1989

Mutation - 1993

5'w x 8'h. Hammered steel and forged rebar. Bank of America Building. Tempe, AZ

Wishnet - 1993

12'w x 8'h. Steel, river rock, cast bronze. Collection of Houston's Restaurants.

The Saint - 1991

6'4" h x 2'8"w. Hammered steel. Collection of the artist.

River Bed - 1991

3' 1. x 4' w. x 18" h. Cast concrete, steel, river rock, water.
Private collection. Boca Raton, Florida.
A bench sculpture inspired by elements found in the Salt River bed.

When the River Runs Dry - 1987

Hydrology - 1987

6'4" h x 2'8"w. Hammered steel. Collection of the artist.



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